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March 2020 - Bright Spot: FLITTE Graduation 2020

woman with microphoneToday, the D93 FLITTE program held its second graduation. Like Ray Kinsella's Field of Dreams, this program began with our special education leadership dreaming about possibility: "Can we design life experiences in the classroom to help special needs students transition to life after high school?"

Thanks to the generosity of community partners and hundreds of hours of donated labor, the Fostering Learning Independence Through Transitional Experiences program came to life in a converted storage room at the Campbell Gym. With a functional kitchen and laundry, this space provides these students with engaging and meaningful life experiences. Each year, Heather Gerard and Robbyn Manship work with many community partners to make this vision a reality. This year, students have learned such essential skills including healthy food choices, budgeting, personal hygience, kitchen safety, water safety, letter writing, and many others. Being able to listen to the graduating student's heartfelt speech today was absolutely amazing.

I also want to recognize our Bonneville Girls Basketball team who won the state championship last weekend, completing a perfect 23-0 season. Absolutely incredible accomplishment!


Easter bunny Flower Pot
2x4 bunny
St. Patrick's Day frame
Reindeer soda pop
6x6 dice
Christmas ornaments
Oreo Elf Shoe
Gingerbread oatmeal cookie
Snowman box mints
Candy cane experiment
Ice skating diorama
Earth Day world
Newsprint fish
Pumpkin experiment
Gratitude books
Clay Roses
Pillow cases

Skills we have learned

3 principals of money
Being kind
Cooking terms
Healthy food choices
Food portions
Reading recipes
Water safety
Online safety
Interacting with others
Being flexible
Kitchen safety
Kitchen clean-up
Monthly scheduling
Job skills
Researching purchase
Meal Planning
Person Hygiene
Letter writing

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