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Student Value Statements

Our Student Values Statements
1. We will accept responsibility for our education, actions and decisions.

2. We will show school pride and build unity.

3. We will promote and celebrate achievement within Bonneville High School.

4. We will promote a safe school environment.

5. We will promote an environment of service in the school and community.

6. We will accept differences in others, increase tolerance and respect, and promote cultural diversity.

Our Student Rules & Policies

Absence Procedure
  1. Attendance is the responsibility of the parents.
  2. Parents are expected to call the attendance office the day of the absence.
  3. The student must bring a written note from the parent on the day following his/her absence. The note will be kept in the student's file.
  4. The excuse note must be signed and date by the parent and be turned in no later than 48 hours after the absence.
  5. If the student is leaving school due to illness they need to checkout at the attendance office.

Attendance Policy
  1. Students with 6 or more absences per class shall lose credit for that class unless missed class time is physically made up.
  2. Every 3 tardies count as 1 absence.

Tardy Policy
  • 1st Tardy - Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Tardy - Detention
  • 3rd Tardy - Detention
  • 4th Tardy - Saturday School

Dress Code:
  1. No attire which is considered as distractive, disruptive or contrary to good hygiene.
  2. No hats, caps or head dress may be worn in the building.
  3. No obscene language, pictures, gang, drug, or alcohol logos on clothing.
  4. No tank tops, tube tops, halters, or other similar style clothing.
  5. Shirts must cover the belly.
  6. Pants must be worn high enough as to not show underwear.
  7. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Other School Policies:
  1. No food or drink in the classrooms.
  2. No drugs, alcohol or tobacco products are allowed on campus.
  3. No weapons of any kind are allowed on campus.
  4. No hazing is allowed.

Rules for Extracurricular Participation

Participants will be expected to follow the standards listed below:

  1. Be polite. Display conduct becoming ladies and gentlemen at all times.
  2. Be positive and cooperative.
  3. Maintain a good behavioral record. Violation of the Code of Student Conduct may cause further disciplinary action from the coach/advisor/principal.
  4. One or more activities could be suspended if a student is assigned Saturday School.
  5. Students must follow the appropriate dress standards established by the school districts, coaches, and advisers.
  6. If suspended from school, the student may not participate in any activity during the time of suspension.
  7. On days of extracurricular event, the participating students must be present in all classes to be eligible to participate that day. Any travel and/or extenuating circumstances requiring an exception must be cleared in advance by the principle or designee.
  8. The school day following any activity, event, or contest, participants (coaches, advisers, and students) are expected to be in attendance at school.

Code of Student Conduct

Violations of the Code of Students Conduct are grouped in three classes-minor, intermediate and major. Each classification is assigned a disciplinary procedure which is to be followed by the administration or designee, who shall hear the student's explanation and consult further with school personnel, if necessary, before determining classification of the violation. Each teacher will deal with classroom disruption with in-class disciplinary action.

Disciplinary action-Class 1
First Offense: in-school conference and parental contact, when warranted. Specific circumstances may warrant disciplinary action outlined under subsequent offenses.
Subsequent Offense: In-school disciplinary action, such as probation, Saturday School, extra assignments, or suspension, at the discretion of the administration or designee. Special circumstances may require a referral to the Superintendent or designee.

Disciplinary action-Class 2
Secondary Students
First Offense: Saturday School and/or extended work assignments before or after school and/or suspension for 1-3 days.
Subsequent Offense: Suspension for 3-5 school days. Special circumstances may warrant a recommendation for expulsion. If so recommended, the expulsion procedures listed will be followed.

Disciplinary actions-Class 3
Elementary and secondary students: suspension and recommendation for expulsion by the school administrator, as authorized in the procedures outlined. Pending final determination of the matter by the School Board, the school may extend the suspension or add seven days.